A collectively owned yet individually influenced NFT experiment.

One NFT Artwork, assembled from 1 Master & 100 Layers.
Sharded into 100 Tokens, connected to one Layer each.
The Tokens are traded on a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) where the price of one token is determined by supply & demand on a bonding curve.
Whenever a token is getting bought (or sold) on the DEX, one random layer is turned on (or off).

This implies that a collector can never own the work he is currently seeing, since buying or selling a token will trigger a permanent change in the work.

The Master-Layer has 2 states. If the $REFRACTION price is up over the past 24 hours the work will be in state 1. If the price is down over the past 24 hours it will trigger a state change to state 2.

The work itself is composed from a background grid, 100 glass spheres & white light, housed in a glass cube.
All visible c o l o r s in the work are a result of light dispersion in the objects.

Due to the dynamics of the bonding curve, It's unlikely that the work will ever be „complete“ and all it's 100 Layers turned on at the same time.

All market participants are defining the apperance of the Artwork at any given time & price.
With countless possible permutations it will unlikely ever look the same as long the market is alive.


Token Supply:
There are 100 $REFRACTION tokens.
The Artist (Sven Eberwein) is receiving 10% of the token supply and can sell into the market at any time.
10% of tokens will be distributed via a lottery system to collectors. 80% will be sold on the DEX.
DAOfi provides the economic contracts and infrastructure the project is running on.

About the Artist

Sven Eberwein is a digital artist working at the intersection
of computer graphics & internet culture.
His digital works are emerging from references collected all around the web, set out to explore their impact and relevance in a new context.

Works of the internet, by the internet, for the internet.